The latest way to combat ageing – from the inside

Do you take anti-ageing seriously? Forget expensive cosmetic treatments such as Botox, fillers and high-tech laser treatments, or buying the latest miracle-in-a-jar face creams and serums. The best way to combat ageing is through your diet, as it will not only help you look good on the outside but also feel good on the inside. When it comes to nutritional supplements, however, many promise to help you look and feel younger. But probably nothing are as intensely powerful as chlorella growth factor (CGF).

CGF is considered to be the most valuable component in chlorella (chlorella contains just 3 – 5% CGF).  Each cell of chlorella – a green freshwater alga – divides itself into four every 20 to 24 hours. Experts believe it’s the CGF in chlorella, which is produced during photosynthesis, that allows it to grow so incredibly quickly. No wonder some believe CGF is a tremendous life force.

How does CGF work?

CGF is bursting with powerful substances, the most significant being nucleic acid derivatives (RNA and DNA). Many experts believe that our own RNA/DNA production slows down as we age, leading to lower energy levels and many of the signs of premature ageing, including weakened immunity.

CGF is believed to contain the highest level of nucleic acids found in any food source, with a growing number of scientists believing that taking it on a regular basis may help repair damaged tissue and cells and boost vitality. It’s even thought to help stimulate the body’s own production of RNA/DNA. And it’s completely side effect free.

You could say the high nucleic acid content of CGF rejuvenates the body from the inside, giving you an anti-ageing boost on a cellular level. And because of that high nucleic acid content it may also improve your body on the outside too, by boosting your skin, hair and nails.

New Product

In 2011, Nature Complete introduced Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), the UK’s first pure powdered extract of chlorella pyrenoidosa product that contains a certified organic ingredient. Priced at £65.55 for a one-month supply. It’s a lot cheaper – and far better for you – than going  under the cosmetic surgeon’s knife.


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